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The 69th today.
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The real 69th.


We are the 69th New York State Volunteer Infantry, Company “A,” a living history group that portrays life in the Army of the Potomac during the American Civil War. With carefully researched uniforms and equipment, historically accurate living history activities, and authentic camps and battles, members of the 69th NYSV commemorate those who fought and died during this great American tragedy.

The unit we portray was the first company of the first regiment of the famed Irish Brigade. The 69th NYSV was raised primarily in Brooklyn in the Fall of 1861. Its members were mostly first and second generation Irish immigrants, many of whom had fought with the 69th New State Militia at the Battle of Bull Run. The 69th fought in many engagements including Fair Oaks, Gaines' Mill, Malvern Hill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg.

The 69th, and other Irish Brigade regiments, can often be identified by their distinctive green flags. The original flags were made by Tiffany & Co. and were presented to each unit of the Brigade by the people of the city of New York. The flags were emblazoned with each unit's battle honors, along with an Irish harp and the brigade motto, on a field of brilliant green silk. The Irish regiment with a bright green flag flying in front of it could always be recognized on the field.

Today's 69th New York, Company “A,” is a unit of the Federal Brigade in the National Civil War Association, based in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our members come from all over Northern California, and even as far away as Nevada, Oregon, and Hawaii. Everyone is welcome. Our goal is to educate members of the public through authentic historical recreation, while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere, and providing opportunities for all family members to participate in the process of creating living history. The NCWA brings together hundreds of reenactors, portraying infantry, cavalry, artillery, support, and civilians from both the Northern and Southern perspectives.

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